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Stop cancer before it starts.

Protection from the sun and indoor lights.

Stop cancer before it starts.

Protection from the sun and indoor lights.

RayWear vs Scrubs

RayWear Provides the Ultimate Protection
for Cultivators


Our dermatologist-approved apparel shields your skin from the most extreme light radiation environments.


RayWear is made from soft, breathable and durable fabric that’s comfortable enough to wear in any climate.


Each of our high-quality garments and accessories are sourced and manufactured on American soil.

The Perfect Gift that Protects Your Favorite Grower!

Get maximum coverage with a RayWear bundle: short sleeve or long sleeve shirt, face guard and beanie.

Take advantage of our limited-time bundle special and save off of the regular priced bundle today!

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What You’re Wearing Isn’t Enough

Most coveralls and other garments currently worn for cultivation were designed strictly for sanitation purposes and don’t provide protection against potentially harmful light radiation. Yet many cultivators aren’t aware that overexposure to light radiation can cause skin cancer, premature aging, ocular damage, and immune-system suppression. These workers mistakenly believe that if their bodies are covered, they’re also protected. Sadly, this is far from the truth.

RayWear Provides the Most Complete
Protective Gear for Growers

RayWear Light Radiation Protection Comparison

“Growers Network’s goal is to connect the world’s cannabis professionals to make them both productive and successful. That is why we connect cultivators to Daniel Jordan and support his mission to protect growers through RayWear’s innovative clothing technology.

“RayWear offers a solution to protect my skin from damage of indoor grow lights and the sun. We have to start thinking about the responsibilities of keeping cultivation employees safe. One of most comfortable shirts I’ve ever put on, RayWear also gives me peace of mind to know my skin is protected.”

Ian Caine Wilson, Co-Founder of The Advisory House, Industry consultant & commercial cultivator

“As growers, we’re in the “spotlight” of the grow for extended lengths of time, whether we’re indoors or out in the sun. I encourage all growers to look into protection for both short & long term growing. The love we share for cultivation of this plant shouldn’t be what causes us health problems years down the road!”

Jordan Harker, The Autoflower Network

We Protect Growers
from Light Radiation


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