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A Family-Run Company Dedicated to Protecting Growers from Harmful Light Radiation

At RayWear, we believe the cannabis industry and worker safety should grow hand in hand. Yet with the industry still in its infancy, safety policies have taken a back seat to legislation about legalization. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help the men and women on the frontlines — the people actually cultivating the plant — feel safe while they’re at work.

Our founder, Daniel Jordan, has long been concerned about the countless workers exposed to harsh grow lights day after day for months on end. He believes the cultivators who make a living under these conditions deserve to be in a safe working environment where their health isn’t at risk. So he began researching light radiation and ways to protect people from it.

Daniel’s research led him to a handful of companies that specialize in clothing that protects the wearer from UV rays. But he also learned grow lights emit an entire spectrum of light — aside from UV rays — that can be potentially harmful to human skin. That means even health-conscious workers who wear protective clothing are only shielding themselves from a small fraction of the light spectrum radiation that poses a potentially significant risk.

Armed with this knowledge, Daniel set out to develop a unique line of protective clothing with the safety of cannabis cultivators in mind. He worked with dermatologists and clothing designers to determine which materials possess the most protective properties. Thus, RayWear was born.

RayWear’s custom-designed shirts and pullovers are made with a durable, patent-pending fabric that provides the most complete protection against UV, infrared, and visible radiation on the market. And our line of protective clothing not only helps growers feel safe, but it’s also extremely soft and can be comfortably worn underneath coveralls and uniforms.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, employers are looking for more ways to protect their growers at work. Instead of waiting 20 years for legislation to catch up with common sense, we’re advocating safety today and shedding light on the dangers of radiation. Join us on our mission to protect the health and well-being of the grower community. Together, we can make a difference and potentially save thousands of lives each year.

Daniel Jordan, Founder & CEO

Upon graduating from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a degree in Political Science, Daniel went on to work in the hospitality industry. After years of managing some of the hottest bars and hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, Daniel got news that both his father and grandfather had been diagnosed with cancer. The news hit hard considering it was only a month after his grandmother lost her own battle with cancer following a difficult two-and-a-half-year fight. With that, he dropped everything to move back home to help his mother take care of their family. Daniel’s grandfather is a current skin cancer survivor but his father was not so lucky. He lost his battle almost exactly six months after his diagnosis.

After seeing the huge impact cancer had on his family, Daniel decided to shift his focus towards defending the health and safety of others at risk. He was determined to help others avoid what his family went through. Knowing that more people are diagnosed with skin cancer than all other types of cancer combined, Daniel made it his mission to help protect people from light radiation — the number one cause of skin cancer. Eventually, his passion for the cannabis industry got Daniel thinking about how cultivators who make a living working under harsh grow lights might be affected. Right then and there, Daniel made it his mission to educate people and shed some light on these dangers. In doing so, he created a product capable of protecting workers on the front line of the cannabis industry—the growers themselves.

Marilyn Jordan, Director of Marketing

As director of marketing for RayWear, Marilyn specializes in media and marketing management, as well as PR and promotional planning. Her experience and training equip her with the tools needed to develop marketing campaigns that drive company sales. She provides messaging, branding, and communications guidance for RayWear along with strategic planning for advertising.

Marilyn’s experience is rooted in developing and executing marketing and PR campaigns for domestic and international clients. In addition to her role at RayWear, she currently serves as director of community relations at California Western School of Law in San Diego, where she oversees both digital and in-person marketing and communications projects.

Marilyn is the first woman ever promoted into senior management at both J. Strickland & Co. and Celedon Technologies. Outside of work, she has designed and co-published a money management guide for children and started a successful creative co-op for working mothers. The city of Escondido once honored her as Businesswoman of the Day.

As a prolific public spokesperson and community liaison, Marilyn enjoys presenting at trade shows and industry conferences. Her speaking engagements give her the opportunity to share insights and promote RayWear’s vision of creating a safe and healthy cannabis community. Her personal experience witnessing the effects of cancer upon her family has inspired her to become a proactive advocate, spreading awareness about health issues among cannabis workers.

George Shoemaker, CFO

George brings an extensive background and dynamic skill set to the RayWear team. He has over 40+ years of experience working in finance, business operations, negotiations, legal, and data/systems managements. George retired from the county of San Diego as assistant director of electronic data processing. With degrees in accounting, public admin, political science, data processing/information systems, and music, George provides the team with valuable direction for multiple projects.

George also has substantial experience operating in the political and public service arenas. He has previously served on the State Intergovernmental Board with Governors Pat Brown, Jerry Brown, and Ronald Reagan. He has also served as past president of the California Retired County Employees Association and the Retired Employees of San Diego County. Additionally, George was a member of the RAND Think Tank that researched the effects of privacy legislation.

As a Navy and California National Guard veteran, George tirelessly provides ongoing service and volunteer work for the community. He has enjoyed giving back through the Sunday Night Ministry Program, where he helped feed the homeless every Sunday for more than 30 years. He also managed a transitional housing program for men for more than 20 years with a success rate of 87%.

When he’s not working, George loves spending time with his five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. As a two-time survivor of melanoma, George knows and appreciates the importance of protecting our skin and bodies from the harmful effects of light radiation.

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