Health Is Wealth, Whether You’re A Grassroots Cannabis Operation or Chain Business

Now that jobs in the cannabis industry are legal and easy to come by in states like California, Nevada, Washington, Colorado, and more as state-by-state legislation changes, cannabis workers are seeing advocacy for the first time. Even in the smallest grassroots cannabis operations or massive chain companies. That being said, many cannabis workers and business owners are still lacking in basic worker safety standards that can help them do their jobs safely and successfully. As a grow operation owner—whether it be a grassroots organization or a larger chain business—complying with safety standards and focusing on employee safety is an investment that can only help your business grow.

Health Risks You & Your Workers May Face In The Cannabis Industry

Common health risks that many cannabis workers face are exposure to chemicals and mold, radiation, or unsafe working conditions surrounding equipment used in the growing and harvesting processes. To help diminish exposure to harmful chemicals or mold, make sure that your operation and workplace is compliant with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and is held to the same standards as any other commercial agricultural operation in the United States.

Exposure to mold and pesticides used in agriculture can cause respiration and sinus issues, as well as skin and eye irritation. The World Health Organization issues guidelines surrounding proper ventilation, and while those guidelines are not enforceable in a work environment by any organization like OSHA or the CDC, taking these suggestions can help save your business and workers from any setbacks that may come from health implications down the line.

Perhaps the most harmful risk that cannabis growers and business owners take on by working in the industry is the risk of developing cancer from exposure to light radiation associated with grow operations. Grow lights may help cannabis sativa plants flourish, but they pose significant health risks on human skin because of their high levels of UVA/B, IR, and visible light radiation. Before melanoma skin cancer develops, those that have seen significant exposure to grow lights may notice an increase in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, cataracts, changes to the DNA, and changes to sleep patterns.

Other common safety issues that are seen in grow operations are improper use or upkeep of tools and equipment. Properly keeping up equipment and making sure that each tool is kept up to normal safety standards of operation is key to maintaining a safe working environment. With so many people interested in working in the cannabis industry with little to no agricultural experience, maintaining safety standards of operation and proper training in how to use the equipment is essential.

Raywear Offers Guaranteed, Life Saving Protection

Diminishing risks involved in operating a cannabis business come in many forms and efforts. Creating work environments that offer proper ventilation to avoid mold growth and inhalation of chemicals can help keep workers healthy. Meanwhile, regularly keeping up maintenance on equipment and tools is essential to streamlining productivity and encouraging safe practices at work.

When it comes to light radiation, though, Raywear is the only product on the market guaranteed to protect the body from all three types of light exposure: UVA/B, IR, and visible rays. The light, breathable fabric keeps workers cool but protected, so that they don’t have to worry about seeing any of the negative effects that come with radiation exposure such as early signs of aging or even melanoma skin cancer.

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