How Hydroponic Stores Can Benefit From Carrying UV Protectant Products Like Raywear

It’s no secret that the cannabis industry relies heavily on hydroponics in order to grow healthy, prosperous plants. As the cannabis industry grows significantly with the increase in legal operations in states that have legalized and more states on the brink of legalizing the plant in new places, the demand for hydroponic products and grow kits will see a significant rise—particularly in states that cannot grow the plant year-round.

Most states require any plants that are sold to be grown within the state—such as in California and Colorado, where recreational cannabis has contributed to massive economic growth. Colorado, however, would not be able to keep up with demand year-round if not for hydroponic systems and indoor grow operations that enable growers to harvest the plants regardless of the temperature outside.

Side Effects Of The Industry

That being said, though, growers are often subject to potentially life threatening levels of UV, IR, and visible light damage that comes from grow lights associated with hydroponic systems. Even in LED light systems, the light radiation emitted from grow lights can cause skin and eye damage that lasts a lifetime and, in some cases, cause cancers like melanoma skin cancer—a life-threatening, rapidly growing type of cancer that is hard to treat once it begins to spread.

The irony of the cannabis industry is that the products were legalized, in part, because of the plants’ ability to treat cancer patients and provide a medicinal effect. However the people that work around the plants and grow operations are often exposed to a toxic level of light radiation that can often cause cancer in the first place. The toll this takes on cannabis workers and their families is stressful and tragic—but it can be avoided easily.

A Simple Solution You Can Be Part Of

Raywear—the first and only protective clothing on the market that was designed specifically with cannabis and agricultural workers that work around grow lights in mind, protects against UV, IR and visible light rays emitted from grow lights. The protective clothing, which is light and breathable, protects workers without making them feel weighed down by their clothing. Plus, it’s an affordable, one time purchase of a product that will create a lasting impact.

Hydroponic stores can benefit themselves and their customers by carrying products like Raywear because it will provide an opportunity to increase awareness of the risks involved with working around grow lights. By educating your customers, you’ll increase trust by presenting yourself as a company that, first and foremost, cares about their long term health and safety. Trust in a brand, as well as the obvious benefit of being able to sell the products yourself, strengthens your reputation as a business, sending more customers your way.

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