Tips on Keeping Cannabis Growers Safe this Holiday Season

Now that cannabis is legal in many places throughout the United States, more and more people are incorporating cannabis products into their holiday season. While the holiday season is a joyful time for many, cannabis workers often find that they have to work more than usual to keep up with a spike in consumer demand. Keeping cannabis growers safe this holiday season should be a priority, and we’ve outlined a couple of tips to help grow operation and dispensary owners learn about the ways in which they can make that happen. Check out these tips below to learn how to keep cannabis growers safe this holiday season.

Mental Health

While most companies prioritize physical health, mental health is just as important. Be sure to check in with your employees and let them know that you care about their wellbeing. The cannabis industry is heavily marketed as a wellness industry, but because the legal industry is so new, regulations have not quite caught up with other agricultural industries when it comes to things like work benefits and access to services that prioritize mental and physical health. Often, simply letting your employees know that you care about their mental health in addition to their physical health can go a long way.

Work Safety

While there are less risks involved with working in the cannabis industry than many other agricultural industries, that is not to say that there are no risks at all. Many cannabis workers still operate heavy machinery or become exposed to potentially harmful pesticides, work environments, or harsh lighting that could expose them to radiation. Make work safety a priority this holiday season by assuring that all workspaces are clean, well ventilated, and provide ample protection against radiation.

At indoor grow operations, ventilation is often one of the bigger issues when it comes to worker safety. Grow operations that create damp and dewy environments can become moldy, creating toxic work environments for cannabis workers. Make sure that your work environment has proper ventilation—not just to avoid troubles from pesticides, but to assure that things dry properly as to avoid exposure to mold spores.

Prevent Exposure to Harmful Radiation

Grow lights, while highly effective for helping plants thrive, are known to be toxic to humans because they emit radiation that can cause melanoma skin cancer. In many cases these lights emit three kinds of radiation—infrared, visible, and ultraviolet—that each do harm to the human body in different ways. Most types of protection—such as SPF sunscreen—only protect against ultraviolet radiation and will not help prevent exposure to infrared or visible rays.

Raywear, the only fabric that can protect against all three, is specifically designed with cannabis workers in mind with its breathable fabric and light design that makes it comfortable and easy to wear in a work environment. Give the gift of health this holiday season by protecting your cannabis workers long-term with Raywear.

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