Why All Farmers Need UV Protection

It isn’t uncommon knowledge that sun exposure can lead to harmful skin radiation that causes cancers like melanoma more likely to appear. People with professions that involve a lot of sun exposure can often be at a greater risk for developing melanoma if they don’t take the proper precautions to prevent overexposure from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Of the professions that are at a higher risk of developing these diseases are farmers and construction workers. Farmers need UV protection because it can save a lot of time, money, and emotional stress later on by preventing melanoma caused by sun exposure.

There’s no question that getting some regular sunshine is a good thing. Studies have shown that the sun exposes our bodies to the sun’s rays can have a great impact on our overall health such as improved sleep cycles, a better mood, stronger bones, and can contribute to overall immune system health. Humans are active creatures that are meant to be in the sun, and the Vitamin D synthesis that occurs when our skin is exposed to the sun’s UVB rays are vital to our mental and physical health. Vitamin D is a critical nutrient that your body can only get from the sun’s rays. It’s main function is to help keep bones strong and can provide mental health benefits for those suffering from depression because there are Vitamin D receptors in the brain. Some studies suggest there are connections between these receptors and the development of mental illnesses like depression.

That being said, too much of a good thing can easily turn into a bad thing. This statement reigns especially true in the case of UV exposure from sunlight. People who work in any type of agriculture and construction are more likely to see heavy exposure to sunlight, which is where it can go horribly wrong. While studies suggest that some sun exposure without sunscreen can be important to maintaining bone health, farmers need UV protection because all the time. Outdoor farming is harmful to skin health because farmers are exposed to harmful levels of Ultraviolet, Visible, and Infrared radiation. There are very few products on the market that can protect the skin from each type of radiation that comes from sun exposure. Raywear is the only product available that is guaranteed to protect against all three types of radiation.

Farmers that work indoors or in greenhouses aren’t exempt from having to protect their skin, either. A common misconception is that UV exposure only happens when you’re outdoors, but the light from greenhouses and grow lights can often magnify or mimic the sun’s radiation in a way that makes it more harmful than simply being outside in the sun. Ever heard of the greenhouse effect? It earned its name for a reason. Greenhouses operate by maximizing UV and IR exposure from the sun to help plants grow faster. This can make working in greenhouses more harmful for the skin when proper protection isn’t being used.

UV exposure can cause skin cancer, premature aging, discoloration, eye damage in the form of cataracts, and suppression to the immune system. Meanwhile, Visable radiation produces free radicals in the air that can have a harmful impact on the skin and sleeping patterns. These rays can produce signs of early aging and other changes to the DNA that have a visible impact. Finally, IR radiation can cause pain and soft tissue damage deep in the skin. This type of radiation may not have an impact visible to the naked eye, making it harder protect because many people simply don’t understand how it works.

Indoor grow rooms pose a particular threat to skin health because the grow lights often used in these operations create a powerful form of Ultraviolet, Visible and Invisible radiation. Artificial lights imitate the maximum effects of the sun’s rays in order to help the plants grow at an optimal rate. Having protective eyewear is necessary for any type of sun or artificial light radiation, but it can be especially necessary in situations where artificial light is being used. In addition to Raywear clothing, which can protect from UV, IR, and visable radiation, workers should wear protective eyewear that’s specialized to protect against radiation from artificial lights.

In addition to the fact that farmers need UV protection to avoid skin cancer and other health problems involved with overexposure to the sun, there are a number of red flags to look out for when monitoring how your skin is responding to any UV exposure it’s already gotten. Checking your skin regularly can mean saving your life when melanoma is caught early enough. Areas that are regularly exposed to radiation should be checked regularly to determine if there are any irregularities in the skin’s color or texture. This can mean new spots or bumps on the skin that differ in color from anything else. Things like growing sun spots and freckles, bumps and irregular textures should be examined further by a doctor to determine whether or not they’re cancerous.

Raywear products can help save a life when used regularly to protect against radiation caused by sun and artificial light exposure. The clothing is the only product on the market that can protect against UV, IR and Visible radiation.

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